Prospective Students

A Lawyer should observe the highest standards of conduct on both personal and professional level so as to retain the trust, respect and confidence of colleagues and members of the public.

Lawyers hold a respected and trusted position in Canadian society. In order to maintain this privileged position, the three provincial law societies have developed the CPLED program. CPLED strives to ensure that all entry level lawyers possess the competencies required and expected by the law societies, members of the legal profession and the general public. The CPLED program is one of the cornerstones of the qualification process in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The CPLED Program is delivered through three provincial organizations, the Legal Education Society of Alberta, Saskatchewan Legal Education Society Inc., and the Law Society of Manitoba. Each of the provinces has a provincial director, who is responsible for administering the CPLED Program in that province. All inquiries about entry into the CPLED Program should be directed to the provincial CPLED office.

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