The Role of Principals & Employers

As principals or employers, your role is to support your articling students by:

  1. Providing them with time to work on their CPLED activities
  2. Exposing them to clients and work activities that are relevant to the substantive content and practice skills stressed in the CPLED Program

The CPLED Program and articling experience are intended to complement one another. As such, it is essential that students are allowed adequate time to attend, prepare and complete all CPLED activities. This is emphasized in the Law Society of Manitoba Articling Agreement, and Law Society of Alberta Principal Certificate (last page of the articling manual), which are to be signed and completed by each Principal. This is also emphasized in Saskatchewan’s Principal’s Program Agreement.

Prior to commencing the Program, each student is required to complete a CPLED Program Agreement. The Principal should ensure the student understands the nature of this document.

In Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the Principal must certify to the Law Society that they have personally reviewed the Professional Integrity Policy in detail with the student and to make best efforts to ensure that it is understood.

Articling students are not permitted to discuss their assignments or competency evaluations with anyone except their LGFs or CPLED staff. They may discuss the learning exercises and resource materials with you, other lawyers and other articling students.

How you can get involved

CPLED relies heavily on the legal community to provide learners with relevant and useful advice and instruction throughout the program. The Program is always looking for members of the profession who would like to offer their time and experience and volunteer to participate in the face to face modules.

These lawyers are responsible for either

  • participating in a plenary session or demonstrating skills, or
  • leading in-person sessions for a small group of students. These sessions include a series of discussions and practice skills sessions.

The Program is also looking for lawyers with a minimum of 5 years experience to act as LGFs in the online sessions. See the provincial CPLED Program of interest for application forms.

If you would like to contribute to the training and licensing of the newest members of the bar, please contact the provincial Program of interest.