How are Articling Students Evaluated?

The work in the CPLED Program includes assignments and competency evaluations that articling students perform in the classroom or submit in writing. Learning group facilitators will evaluate their work by assessing how well they apply legal knowledge and how well they perform skills in common practice situations. Articling students will be assigned one of the following two grades for their work:

  • Competency demonstrated
  • Competency not yet demonstrated

Competency demonstrated is assigned when the work

  • displays a clear understanding of the significance of the situation and the articling student’s assigned role,
  • identifies and addresses the relevant legal and ethical issues associated with the situation,
  • provides a law-based, ethical and practical solution for the situation, and
  • is professionally prepared and presented.

Each assignment and competency evaluation has an assessment criteria. The assessment criteria is similar to a marking sheet which breaks down the specific items required to obtain a competency demonstrated. The students are provided the assessment criteria with each assignment or competency evaluation which they may refer to while completing and submitting their assignment / competency evaluation.