Online Modules

The online modules are presented through the use of a virtual online law firm at which the students are “employed”. Students are asked to complete tasks on files given to them by lawyers at the virtual law firm. Along with the online resource material provided by the CPLED program, students are expected to use the knowledge gained from law school, and their articling experience to complete these tasks.

In the virtual law firm, students are assigned to a learning group. Each learning group is assigned an online learning group facilitator (LGF). LGFs are experienced lawyers who are experienced in the area of law which is the focus of the specific module. LGFs provide guidance, practical advice and insight to help students acquire the competencies needed for the successful practice of law.

All online modules are designed in a similar fashion. Each module consists of units. A unit consists of instructions, background readings, a learning exercise, client files, an assignment or competency evaluation and assessment criteria.

The background readings and learning exercise are resources that may help complete the assignment or competency evaluation. The assessment criteria outline what the assignment or competency evaluation must demonstrate. Each online module has assignments and one competency evaluation. The assignment or competency evaluation describes the work students must do on the client files.